Our Process


We approach each client with a single goal in mind – delivering professional results that work for you. To accomplish this, we gather information up front and spend time discussing your functional needs, aesthetic preferences, mood, budget, timeframes, etc. The mutual understanding and relationship established in these up front sessions are the key to success throughout the project.

Once the scope of work and goals are understood, the design process can begin. To achieve the desired effect, our designers draw from their professional training and experience and leverage the extensive resources of our design studio in Annapolis.

The presentation of our design includes hand-drawn space plans, drawings, photographs and samples of the recommended furniture, materials, treatments, subcontractors and budget estimates. We will review these proposals in person with you and incorporate your feedback into a final proposal.

Once the design is established, we will assist you in getting the project completed within your timeframe and budget. We will coordinate purchasing, delivery, installation of materials and subcontractor contributions.

Before we consider any project finished, we have a final walkthrough with the client to ensure that expectations have been met.


Getting Started

We begin our design relationship with the “Initial Consultation Package” which consists of 4 hours of time for $500.00. The first appointment is usually one to two hours, leaving a couple of hours to begin work on the design. If the scope of work is more extensive than four hours, a design fee will be assessed and agreed upon, based on the time the project will take.

Design fees over the initial $500 fee can be credited back to the client when the design is contracted, procured, and installed by Fitzsimmons Design Associates, Inc. This is done on a prorated basis against the portion of the design purchased.  Since we own and operate a retail furnishings store we are able to offer a 20% discount off of the manufacturer’s retail pricing on all furniture that is purchased as part of the design project.

Contact us today to set up an appointment. The design fee rebate and 20% discount enable you to have a professionally designed home. It is easier and more cost effective than you may have imagined.