Annapolis Designer does Baltimore Show House Library!

Gina in Room

The Baltimore Show House this year at Oak Acres
was a huge success! The rooms from top to bottom
were really well done and brought the house back to it’s Former Glory!

The House had loads of Charm and Detail! Talking with the Public was so enjoyable. Year after Year we see a lot of the same Supporters. After awhile, you start to recognize each other!

Take a look at the Photos below and enjoy the tour!


I was speaking with the owner of the property and she said that she didn’t think that she would be able to part with the house because of the flood of memories every time she enters the house. She said, ” Men have Man Caves, Why can’t women have a Woman House?” Now there is a concept!

I know exactly what she means, I would love to buy my Grandparents house in Massachusetts and totally refurbish it to a 60’s look. Just being in the space feels almost like connecting to the past and it fills you with a special bond to your departed loved ones.

Well, on to the finished Library! The fireplace use to be painted the exact same grayish green shade as the walls and moldings. Below I have loaded the before and after shots of the fireplace wall. The architectural detail, to the 100 year old mantle just popped, when we lightened up the mantle and painted it like the contrasting trim of the room

Before Shot
Just look at the Before Shot above and the After Shot below!
Fireplace GF
Look at the beautiful detail in the Mantle!
table desk
Upon entering the room we had a Library Table set up with two very comfortable Chairs. With this age of laptops and Ipads it really isn’t necessary to have a full blown desk anymore.
We have injected a contemporary cocktail table with great lines to complete our Style of Traditional.
Keep it fresh! Keep it current! Keep it relevant!
 To “Beef Up the existing Crown molding we added a Panel Molding on the Ceiling and painted the outside of the panel a bit deeper shade of paint to add dimension and give the effect of a tray ceiling to the room.
Bar GF (1)
We did a small Bar just inside the doorway from the Dining Room. The Library is a perfect place for an After Dinner Drink in front of the fire when you have company for Dinner!
Dog Oil Painting
Our Upholstered Cornices got a lot of attention! We upholstered the crown molding at the top of the Cornice as well! A great idea shared with the public!
We brought all of the Accents, Artwork and Accessories from our Retail Store, Details of Design in Annapolis. If you need a few pieces and can not make it to the store, please look online at
What a great experience the whole project was! The Designers all pitched together with the Symphony Members and manned the rooms, while buses and buses full of people arrived one after the other to view all of our hard work.
Gina Fitzsimmons, ASID