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Keep it cool and keep it relevant!

The design world is all about keeping your home fresh with accents that can mix in with your existing pieces. Just by adding one accent piece, one piece of art or a splash of color, you can bring your spaces into this century and give the room a new lease on life.

Just look around the room…. OK, that’s enough time. What is the one thing that dates your room the most when you look with an objective eye? Is it that art over the sofa that you have had in that place for the last 20 years? Is it the Queen Anne console table against the wall? Or, is it the shiny brass Floor Lamp next to your chair?


REFRESH! It is time to refresh! Let go of these things! They do not have to stay in the same place, just because they have always been there! Go to Details over on Bay Ridge Rd. in Annapolis and bring us a photo of your room. LeeAnn our newest Designer will meet with you and take a look at your photo and make some good practical suggestions that don’t cost an arm and a leg.Once you get results, you will start to look at your entire home with a new eye. Which room will be next?

LeeAnn did this wonderful display above and the colors, balance and style are spot on! It is a great look for the end of summer, in very cooling colors. This traditional chair, in a teal finish puts a whole different spin on it. It is a more current piece and adds style her vignette.

3The Artwork is a print of a watercolor, very serene and washy in the blue, grey and green tones.

See how she added the vases on the counter top in front of the art. She purposely pulled the colors out of the art to make more of an impact.
Then balance-wise she reinforced the vertical nature of the trees by using the candlesticks and vases in the elongated shapes.

This concept can be used on your fireplace mantle.

4                                                                        Our featured rustic cabinet is just plain fun! With three doors that are not the same size, color or finish, you can store a lot behind them. I’ve not met a person yet that says that they have all of the storage that they need.

Remember that Queen Anne Console you had? Let’s loosen up the room and go for a more Coastal Look. You do live in the Mid-Atlantic States, you know.

5Here is more storage! These are great boxes in all types of finishes to maybe use on your coffee table to keep all of your clickers and TV remotes in. Storage boxes like these come in hand to hide all of the small bitty things on your table or
shelving that add to the cluttered look.

Come in and see LeeAnn even if you just need to pick up a Hostess Gift for your friend. These rose bud votive holders come in a variety of colors and are a very useful gift that your friend will cherish. We also have fun , polka dot candles, and as always, the best picture frame selection in town.

Don’t forget our annual tent sale is coming up … September 10th at 9:00 AM. In the top right hand corner, enter your email address and we will keep you posted about our big Annual Tent Sale.

This is a big one! It is our 25th Year in Business!

See you there!    Gina