Annapolis Interior Designers Go to The Beach!

Our Beach Vignette

It’s that time of Year when we go to the Beach for the Annual Beach and Bay Cottage Tour. You can tell that it is getting near because we have redone the front Vignette in the store in a beach motif.
Megan started the display with a fantastic hand painted beach scene on a grass cloth texture. It’s very three dimensional when you look at it. It makes me feel like I am there! She added some woven sea grass tables and the perfect pillows in the beach glass color.
I love the lamp with the rope woven over the glass like a sea float; very nautical. The great arrangement that Pam did is a large glass urn filled with sand and dried hydrangeas completes the beachy look perfectly.
I hope everyone gets to attend the Cottage tour this year. It is on the 24th and 25th of July in Bethany Beach and it is so much fun to see what people have done with their ┬ábeach houses. Usually people are more adventurous with their interior design when doing a second home than if they were at home. That’s exactly what makes this tour so special!
We hope to see you there and if you can’t make it, be sure and come into our store, Details of Design in Annapolis and see what our Interior Designers have done to the store to get you into that Summer Vibe! Come in and get your Details Fix!