Annapolis is ready for Contemporary!!!

It’s funny …after being in the Interior Design business in Annapolis for over 25 years, the pendulum has swung back again to contemporary. The cleaner lines, the tailored look and the uncomplicated ease of a well put together room is very refreshing.

The key to this style of Interior Design is to keep it simple and uncluttered. Design your space with a strong focal point and fill in with larger sacle accessories and fewer pieces. This reminds me of the advise given to me a long time ago about getting dressed in the morning. Put on your clothes, belt, scarf, and jewelry and then simply take off one piece and you were ready to go out the door. Never overworking the look is good advise in Design as well!

The Contemporary Style is a more simple look, but, do not forget the fun of selecting all of the finishes. The texture, sheen, embedded pattern, wood grains, contrast and juxtaposition of different and contrasting materials lend to the success of this look!

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