Our children moved out this year. As they left we encouraged them to take all of their furniture and other pieces that they wanted. This left us with a big void to be filled and an opportunity to redecorate. We had tried to redecorate ourselves in the past. We never felt that we finished. The process always seemed to collapse at about 75% complete. We were in Gina’s retail store, Details, one day. We met Gina and a conversation led us to engage her in our effort. We were looking at a coastal theme for the first floor living areas. We had a few pieces but mostly it was a fresh start. Gina came out to the house and sized up the situation. On her first visit she made a couple suggestions that really impressed us. A couple weeks later she showed us her ideas and we were further impressed. The first floor has now been transformed and we are very happy. We are so pleased with her work that we are now moving on to other areas of the house. Our only regret is that we didn’t meet Gina sooner. If we had it would have saved us time, money and aggravation.

Mike Williams

Megan has been a pleasure to work with, she gets to know her clients and what does and doesn’t work for them. She brings alternatives to the discussion when needed and is always professional and pleasant to be around. She takes great pride in her work and it shows. She has done our home in Annapolis both furniture and window treatments. She did such a great job we hired her to do our beach home.

Catherine Kuenzel

Megan did an exceptional job with our living room renovation, which included new flooring, new furniture and area carpets. From the very first meeting she kept things moving along. Every contractor she brought in was very respectful and dependable. Knowing we wanted to keep some of our furnishings and color scheme she gave us a whole new refreshing look. Installing new window treatments in the dining room and kitchen areas. Repainting the walls in the living room, dining room and kitchen and reupholstering the dining room chairs and breakfast bar stools. Megan’s knowledge and expertise was well beyond what was expected. If we hadn’t hired Megan for this renovation and tried doing this ourselves, I know it wouldn’t be any where near finished and definitely not as beautiful! (And I think I have a pretty good eye for putting things together)


I first met Gina when she was the designer for a friend’s home and I loved what she did for them. I hired her to redo the bathrooms in my home in Maryland and that led to the whole house. You can tell that she loves what she does by the attention she pays to each detail of the project. Later I hired her to help me redo my house in Texas. I was a little worried with the house being in Texas but once again she did a great job capturing exactly what I wanted and paying attention to all details of the project. No matter where I live Gina is the one I will go to whenever I have a design project. Gina is a true professional and a joy to work with. Thru our working together we became very good friends and I have been working for her part time in the design studio and in the retail store “Details of Design” for the last eight years. Even though I live in Texas now I still go back to Annapolis occasionally to work for her.