Interior Designer Selects Driftwood in Annapolis

It’s new, it’s hot, it’s what’s happening!
The casual finishes that are distressed and carefree like the Driftwood finish, pictured here in our Vignette this month, are gaining in popularity. Whether it be an upholstery company or casegoods manufacturer the new finish is Driftwood.

There are not many people that want to be a slave to protecting every surface anytime they have visitors. The distressed finishes already have the patina of a lifetime of living, so, what’s a few more dings?

In our area the driftwood finish fits in with our  Comfortable Chesapeake Cozy way of life. The ambiance that it adds to a room encourages putting your feet up and relaxing.

See the close up on your right——
The arm of the chair has one of the new finishes as well as the skinny depth console in the background!

The mixing of different finishes is effortless! As you can see in this photo the light bleached finish on the frame of the handmade paper art works well in this eclectic grouping.
Driftwood can be a color as well as a finish. This rug is very attractive with it’s steel
 blue and driftwood colored bamboo leaves.

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