November Passes Quickly!

November Passed so quickly this year. We are already in the full swing of the Holiday Christmas Market. The stores are urging everyone to get there as soon as possible and the radio is playing nothing but Christmas Music! I can’t stand it!

Let’s slow this train down!!!! Let’s remember that just one day ago, it was Thanksgiving. Some of the trees haven’t even dropped the rest of their leaves. Some home owners haven’t even picked up the leaves that fill their yards! Can we take this more slowly???? Winter doesn’t start till Dec. 21st!

Fall Tones with Rich Leather Chairs and Beautiful Fall Water Scene

The girls have put together a wonderful Vignette as you enter Details of Design on the right. It is full of rich fall tones, from the handsome greens and blues to the russet saddle leather chairs.

The Original Oil Painting makes a beautiful focal point for the grouping. The old row boat in the picture has been abandoned at the end of summer and the foliage in the artwork indicates it is in the fall. It’s a little sad, in a way….


The Driftwood bowl that this all natural arrangement is in makes a statement. Can you picture this on your coffee table or the center of your dining table? It’s price is $338.00

The Bicycle Book-ends are just precious! They would make a great gift for the cyclist on your list this year at $83.00 for the pair!

 Here are  a trio of Candle Holders in a Rust Finish with our Patchoulli Candles. Our Candles are Custom Made for us and are not available anywhere else! They are made from the scent of the Patchoulli Root. It is a very pleasant , natural scent.

The Candle holders are $18.00, $28.00, and $36.00.

And last but, not least, we have the cozy, soft throw to go with everyone’s décor. The rich thick Chenille Yarns really keep you warm when you are all snuggled up on the sofa, watching TV. This one is $75.00 in tan and camel.
Have a cozy winter and just take one day at a time and you will end up at the other end of this Holiday Season unscathed! Drop in to see us or call for a consultation in your own home.
We hope to see more of you! Soon!