Our Blogging Plans

What caught my eye about this chair was not the yummy taupe leather but, that it is a RECLINER!!!!! So, it is going to be the starting point of our next blog. We, meaning, Corey, Jen and I are going to put together a display on our 8×5 ft platform by the front door to our store and we are going to demonstrate our design abilities to spur you into action in your own home!

After putting our heads together, our design team decided that it really would be more interesting if we paired it with contemporary furnishings even though it has traditional lines. So, after scouring the store to see what we had that was new, hot and exciting we decided to pair it with a fabulous console table that is made of steel slab and a wooden plank top.

“Once you have a few key pieces in place, the rest of the design is filling in the accents and accessories.” said Jen, ” If you want to leave the rest of this to us, we will finish off the design and call you when it is finished.” Well, I had lots of design work to do back in the studio so, I left the two of them to create the next masterpiece in our new series of “Details of Design”.

That’s our plan! We want to create for you, on a regular basis, a fun design based on the wonderful items that we receive in our Retail Store. We want you to begin to see the possibilities!!!

We would just love it if you decided to become a follower of our blog! It’s really easy to sign up: Look in the Left Hand Column of the blog and scroll down to become a follower. Click there and follow the directions. Then when we come up with our new display you will be notified by email. It’s sort of like saving your favorite TV show!!

Stay tuned for the new creation!

Gina Fitzsimmons