Faces of Annapolis 2018

The Face of an Emerging Design Professional

Megan Trachtman, Director of Design Operations, Fitzsimmons Design Associates.

Megan Trachtman is an emerging professional in the interior design industry; just ask any of her delighted clients.

An Allied member of the American Society of Interior Designer’s (ASID), Megan earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design with a minor in Marketing from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. While earning her degree, Megan studied interior design in Florence, Italy. Megan was born in Atlanta, GA, grew up in Woodbridge, CT and relocated to Annapolis after graduation.

Megan began her career with an internship at Cullman and Kravis, a top 100 design firm in New York City. After graduating she joined Fitzsimmons Design as design assistant, working directly with Founder and President Gina Fitzsimmons who mentored and helped fine-tune Megan’s innate design talent. In her six years at Fitzsimmons Design, Megan’s talents, hard work and attention to detail, have contributed to her establishing a loyal and appreciative clientele.

Colleagues, family and friends recognize that Megan is naturally engaging. She has traveled extensively, making new friends wherever she goes. Those who meet her, know that she lights up a room as soon as she walks in, both personally and with her designs. She is known as the “colorful” one, always adding a punch of color and creating a special place for her clients in each of her designs.

In this age of expected entitlements, it is refreshing to encounter a young professional who is, and always has been, working hard to attain her deserved position in the top tier of interior design.

Megan is well organized and driven to provide rst class interior design services for her clients, promptly and precisely.

Sharing the good news with their clients, FITZSIMMONS DESIGN ASSOCIATES say that they are proud to announce Megan’s well-deserved promotion to Director of Design Operations.

Faces Of Annapolis 2018 article

Faces Of Annapolis 2018 article