Red and Green, How Timely!

The Holiday season is upon us! The weather is freezing our nose and nipping our toes!

It is surprising how it became so cold so quickly! It’s time to get your home ready for the Holidays. I wanted to give you a few decorating ideas and plant a few key elements in your mind when you look at your main living areas with a discerning eye. Let’s freshen up those spaces!

At our retail store, Details of Design in Annapolis we have all sorts of wonderful new throws for the sofa. Whether you are watching TV or snuggeling with your kids in front of the fireplace, a warm, cozy throw will add color to the room and be the first thing that you call dibs on when settling down for the evening. Never mind, just buy two of them and avoid the competition! They are a great gift idea as well! If you need to ship a gift to an out of town relative or friend, they don’t break when UPS man handles the package! We can arrange shipping for you and you can avoid paying the 6% sales tax when shipping out of town. It almost pays for the shipping!

Punch up your Family Room with a bit of artwork. If you still have that faded old print over your fireplace, it may be time to invest in an original oil painting. The beauty of a well lit oil painting as the focal point of a room is immeasurable. The texture of each stroke the artist made is highlighted by the recessed wall washer. It adds another layer to the richness of the room.

Take the dark, dank look out of your living space by adding light! As the days grow shorter this winter, don’t sit there in the dark. Brighten up your room and your outlook, buy a lamp! Drop in the store and take a lamp home and try it out. It is truly amazing how people never think of the lighting in a room when designing their spaces. It is one of the key elements of design.