The Contemporary Classics!!!

What a great look! Take your mother’s Chippendale chair and pair it with a console in Faux Leather Croc, add some contemporary artwork and a couple of architectural lamps and you have a fabulous grouping!

Furnishing your home can be so much fun when you have a successful look like this. Just keep in mind balance, scale and proportion when mixing the different furnishings. A lot of people strive for that “eclectic look” that puports an ease of lifestyle and a lack of that stuffiness that dates back to your parents house.

If this is way beyond your talents and you do not know what I mean about mixing pieces based on their scale, break down and call an Interior Designer. The pressure will be lifted off your shoulders! The Designer will partner with you and present just the right pieces to mix with your family heirlooms that you want to keep in the room. They will create a fresh young look that updates those pieces and brings them into this century. Then the guilt of not using the entrusted relic will disolve and you will have a unique interior that ties your past and present together. What a great idea!